Memory mattress – Features:

The memory mattress allows you to sleep better, avoiding nocturnal tingling and joint pain that leads to a feeling of tiredness already in the morning. Today we will see the memory mattress, features, opinions, and prices of a technology that has changed our way of resting.

As much as we can be fond of grandmother’s mattress, in wool and with traditional springs, it must be said that often this support does not always guarantee a correct rest: tingling, continuous nocturnal movements, and joint or muscular pain are just some of the disadvantages. Precisely for this reason in the last few years, the memory mattress is becoming more and more widespread, thanks to its new technology, it allows more easily to sleep a restful sleep.

Features of the memory mattress:

Initially designed by NASA to protect its astronauts from strong accelerations during space launches, the composition of the memory mattress is made to accommodate the spine more naturally. Among the benefits of the memory mattress, the most important is to keep the spine straight, thus avoiding uncomfortable and unnatural positions that do not allow us to sleep well.

Getting used to the memory mattress is really easy and, even if at first it will seem strange to sleep on a basic first bed of elasticity, you will soon realize that the structure, thanks to our weight, will be deformed to welcome us better. While once the traditional spring mattress pushed us upwards only on certain points, such as shoulders and pelvis, the characteristics of the memory mattress are such as to create a space just for our body. Only then will our spinal column remain straight even during the night. Come and visit our website for large collection of memory foam beds.

When to choose a memory mattress?

The memory mattress is good and ideal for every body type and sleeping position: whether you sleep on your back, on your side or on your stomach, the mattress reacts to every position ensuring maximum comfort and air exchange even in the deepest layers. The composition of the memory mattress is in fact based on polymeric foam which, thanks to a honeycomb structure, allows air circulation. The memory mattress is, therefore, the best solution therefore also for those looking for a summer mattress.