What is the durability of latex mattresses, memory foam and springs?


Unfortunately, the average life of the latex mattress is brought to a close by the decomposition of the internal slab, depending on the exposure of the mattress to humidity, heat sources and other factors that anticipate this problem.

In optimal conditions, latex mattresses last up to 7-8 years.

Due to aging, the latex mattress tends to lose its natural elasticity, creating areas of greater rigidity which prevent adequate ergonomics.

Some simple tips for the correct maintenance of the latex mattress are:

•    To maintain the good support of the mattress it is advisable to rotate it under-up and head-to-foot at least every month,

•    To prevent the formation of mold and to favor the possible evaporation of any moisture, it is advisable to ventilate the room with the completely uncovered mattress every day.


Memory foam mattresses are less prone to failure and last up to 8-10 years depending on the quality of the product.

To make it last, it is necessary to turn it regularly and take care of it. In spite of everything with the use, the mattress will lose a part of its visco-elasticity or “memory”, which leads to the development of ditches and loss of rigidity that, in the long term, offer less comfort and support.

Buyers of the memory foam mattress, in general, find 30% less of these problems than other models on the market.


The spring mattress can last a few years longer than a latex or memory foam mattress but should be replaced after 10 or 12 years of use. After this period the mattress must be changed especially for hygienic reasons beyond the reasons of wear and aging.

The two qualitative aspects that affect the quality of spring mattresses are the number of springs and the covering fabric. The quality of the mattress is not directly proportionate to the number of springs present, but in any case, a good mattress should never have less than 200 springs in the single version in addition to the weave of a weight of at least 240 gr/sqm.

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