Which mattress for the box spring bed?

In particular, if you’ve gained a rather cheap box spring bed year ago, it can happen that the topper and mattress are worn out now, but the box and headboard are still good, so the question arises as to which mattress to buy for the box spring bed.

First question: Only mattress or mattress and topper?

If you want to equip your old box spring bed with both a new mattress and a new topper, it is very important that the mattress does not give too soft, so that the topper is supported without sinking into the mattress. In this case, we recommend the ONE mattress, where you should choose the slightly firmer cold foam cover to keep the topper ergonomic.

Which mattress, if you do not want a topper?

If you want to make an American version of your box spring bed and do not need a lying topper, we recommend box spring mattresses with spring core and thick foam padding, which replaces the comfort of the topper.

Mattress ONE: Individual box spring feeling

The box spring mattress ONE is ideal for lying on top without it. Depending on your body weight you have the choice between three different degrees of hardness. You can also decide if you prefer to be harder or softer. In the first case, you choose the cold foam cover, in the second case, you can choose between Visco or latex.

Air flex and air soft: the airy mattresses for the box spring bed

If you have experienced that you are more likely to sweat in the box spring bed, then you should choose the spring mattresses Fairplex or air soft. Both are with one

The moisture-wicking layer of latex horsehair. Air holes in the foam edge provide additional

Air circulation. Regarding the feeling of lying, the following applies: If you prefer a softer, choose the spring mattress air soft with latex mattress. If, on the other hand, you prefer to be heavier or tend to become overweight, then choose the air flex with cold foam lying surface. Buy mattress for stomach sleepers

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